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Cattle branding:

It happens the second Saturday of May and third Saturday of September. TNowadays, the treaty signed in 1856 is still current between the Navarre’s Erro Valley and French of Baigorri, that share their grass. Sorogain is the place where cattle branding happens to differentiate the animals of each valley

The event has music, craftwork and a party atmosphere that deserves a visit.

Erro’s Valley Day:

The Sunday after San Fermin (7th of July), is Erro’s Valley Day in the open field of Soravil, which is located a little over one kilometre away from the hostel. In this event you can enjoy cuisine, arts and crafts and music, while people from the valley like to show tourists around on this special day. This year youngsters are preparing different activities for Saturday such as communal dinner, concerts, DJs…

San Juan en Auritz/Burguete:

The night of 23rd to 24th of June is St.John’s night, which celebrates the summer solstice. Bonfires, trebole dance (unique to Auritz/Burguete) and cheese and bread sharing are all part of this night party.

Activities – Colegiata Roncesvalles - Hostel Sorogain

Pilgrimage to Orreaga/Roncesvalles:

In May and June, neighbours of the valleys of Erro, Aezkoa and Arce enjoy this event. Also Luzaide/Valcarlos go on a pilgrimage to Orreaga/Roncesvalles but the first weekend of May and \Oroz/Betelu in the second.
The pilgrimage to the valley of Aezkoa and Oroz are very beautiful because regional costumes contrast with dark tunics and black veils of barefoot penitents. In addition, on the 8th of September is the Day of Orreaga Virgin in St. Mary’s church, inside the Colegiata.

Farming Fair Auritz/Burguete:

On the Sunday closest to the 21st of September.
The farmers of the village and other towns nearby show their animals and every four years there is awards. this events has other activities like basque pelota.

Half Marathon Roncesvalles-Zubiri:

Every October this event happens in the Camino de Santiago stage that links both towns. It is a very popular race attracting professionals and amateurs alike who love the amazing landscape around the itinerary. This event is really popular so there are other activities such as traditional rural games for children.


Road France (Urepel) .
Crossing from N-135 between Bizkarreta y Mezkiritz.
Navarre - Spain

Phone: 948 39 21 48

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