About the hostel Sorogain

Hostel Sorogain

This hostel is located in stunning grounds where it is possible to enjoy fresh air surrounded by mountains and fields and where the cattle are free to roam. A great option to appreciate the surroundings is through these activities we offer.

Sorogain was an important place in the history of Erro Valley, mainly because it is located so near France’s border. Smuggling through the border nourished some families in the area and increased the legend of ‘The route of smugglers’. They trafficked in cattle, tobacco, weapons, or goods that were impossible to find on this side of the border but that were sold in France.

This proximity with the border culturally and linguistically enriched the territory and Spanish, Basque and French coexisted in harmony, allowing the mutual enrichment of traditions on both sides of the border.

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Road France (Urepel) .
Crossing from N-135 between Bizkarreta y Mezkiritz.
Navarre - Spain

Phone: 948 39 21 48

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